Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Recently I was asked to make bike with Quilling that was about 6 inch tall. Though I had never tried my hand on 3D Quilling or even Quilling based on automobile I took on the challenge.
Over the time my art has improved, there is no doubt. Neatness and fresh ideas occur all the time. Obviously I get my own set of blocks, but never did I face such task. I believe that I have never actually done anything other than jewelry and hair accessories. Sometimes I make cards and bookmarks and hangings for car or room.
This was completely new to me and to be frank I was double minded. I wanted to say no… but then I wanted to try too….and so after a lot of research (I even took help from online Quilling groups) I dived in and created this motorbike….

It’s not perfect; it’s definitely not 6 inch tall and is definitely not masculine (as motor bikes should be). It was surely not selected…But I am proud of myself, for accepting this challenge, so what if I did not succeed at least now it is not untreaded water…I will try again….

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Satisfaction guaranteed

I have been frequently asked as to why I create what I create. What is in it for the creator to create such delicate pieces and sell it off to adorn someone else’s house? What is the charm of making things for others when you hardly wear any of it? Why do I create?
There are numerous reasons like-
·         To feed the creative side
·         To pass the time
·         To earn extra mullah
·         If I know it I must create it
But above all it is the Satisfaction, I get when I convert something from my mind to what is in front of me. I am sure crafters, writers and in general all artists create with only for a sense of satisfaction in their mind. The relief and excitement, the elation and the acknowledgment of creation is not only empowering but also humbling.
When I get to try something new, something that I learned recently, either from a book or a video or even a tutorial, I feel this urge to try it. The never ending urges to twirl the paper and quill. Turn into a desired shape and continue with the experiment.
On the way there are many highs and lows (believe me I have wasted a lot). When I come out with a piece that is not only acknowledged but also appreciated, I am sure my fellow artists would agree that it was all worth it. The paper cuts and the wasted material along with failed attempts are all worth it!

The sense of satisfaction and achievement is beyond words can describe. So pick up your tool of choice and continue working towards that sense of satisfaction.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Love that is Handmade

When we try to purchase a gift for someone, we often put a lot of effort into thinking the perfect thing and a unique gift for the person you love. The underlying reason is not just the acknowledgement of the fact about the gift but the thought behind the gesture of gifting.

You can add a little magic to the art of gifting if you make or purchase something handmade. A handmade gift speaks more than just mere “I Think about you” it says that “I Care about you” and “I love you”. It might not be about the amount or the money spent, but the effort of the gift itself.

Usually on Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) I gift shirts to my brothers, this year I thought I would make something for them that would not hurt their sentiments and at the same time express my gratitude for everything they do for me. I am younger to them and taking a gift from me puts them in a difficult situation sometimes but they always graciously accept it. This year too they accepted it but the moment was sweet. He proudly put my Quilled Car Hanging in his car and clicked a snap and sent it to me.

One of my aunts purchased my Quilled Rakhi for the first time and posted it to her brother. When I met her she proudly shared a snap of her brother’s wrist just to show how much the gesture meant to both of them. I am happy and grateful for it.

My friend from the college days (soul sister), whom I have been pestering about having a look at my Quilling designs for a very long time, could not due to lack of time. While randomly talking to her she asked about some of my latest designs, she actually picked up a few and asked me to make them for her. When she received it she was not just overjoyed she actually wore them and proudly so.

Life is about such moments when your work is appreciated and recognized because it is handmade and the very thought that goes into making each and every unique thing. Handmade is the art of gifting and Loving.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Quilled Jhumka With Soutache

Quilling is great fun and a feast for your creative side. Quilling a Jhumka is super easy.  The great thing about a Quilled Jhumka is that you can try many designs and create one according to the outfit and or your requirement.
For all those who do not know what a Jhumka is – it’s a bell or dome shaped earring that is traditional to wear and adds ethnicity to any outfit.
A Jhumka can be fashioned in any way you want- small to large, Decoupage with design of your choice, Hand painted or using liquid embroidery.
My favorite is when I get to play with beads and stones and ball chain etc. you can make a new design every time you make one.
Soutache method of attaching beads to the Quilled Jhumka is a bit tricky but the end result is worth the effort. Let us begin
Things required for making a Quilled Jhumka with Soutache are

1.       5mm  strips in your favorite color
2.       Headpins
3.       Beads, bead caps and bead spacer of your choice
4.       Pearl beads( you can try glass beads or silver or golden balls)
5.       Ball chain
6.       Scissors
7.       Beading needle and thread
8.       Glue
9.       Mod Podge/ Varnish
10.   Quilling tool
11.   Quiling coach
12.   Quilling mould
13.   Brush
14.   Scissors
15.   Pliers

·         Step 1:
Take 7 to 8 Strips of 5mm and attach them end to end. Making a long strip, start rolling them from one end with the help of slotted tool and Quilling coach. Make a tight coil and flatten it out with the help of coach

·         Step 2
With the help of the mould, make a dome shape. Make sure they are smooth and equal in size.

·         Step 3
With the help of brush or finger spread out Glue under each dome. Make sure the layer of Glue covers every part of the inside of the dome. TIP: Don’t apply a thick layer.

·         Step 4
With help of brush apply Varnish or Mod Podge, it not only hardens the dome but gives a gloss to your Quilled Jhumka. Let it dry completely TIP : Use a Needle tool or tooth pick to hoist the dome.

·         Step 5
Use ball Chain and attach it on the tip of the dome.

·         Step 6
Using a beading needle or any normal needle bead some pearl beads. Once you have enough length apply some Glue and make sure that you put these beaded thread on top of the Glue. Make sure that the thread doesn’t stick on the dome. Wait till the beads stick and then pull the thread. You will be amazed to see the finished look.

·         Step 7
Repeat Step 5
·         Step 8
Insert the headpin in the dome and using your choice of bead caps etc roll the tip of the pin and attach it with ear hook.

Repeat the same step with the other dome.

TA-DA… a pair of Jhumka is ready. I was really excited to see the end result. I was so proud of myself for finishing and all in one go. I know it takes some practice to bead and stick it on the Jhumka, but I just loved the finished piece.

Try one for yourself now....

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Relaxing With Quilling

Don’t be shocked! The amazing art form otherwise known as paper filigree helps your mind to relax. The intricate design with tiny strips of paper will captivate your heart. And above all it will improve your concentration.
It is a known fact that when you pursue a particular art form your brain develops, and there is no age limit to explore and learn new art form. One should always undertake new endeavors to evolve themselves. And learning the art of filigree has so many other benefits with very little investment.
The many benefits of Quilling are
1.     Relaxes your mind :
The art form is simple and easy to learn. When you roll the strips of paper your mind relaxes. The slow and sweet procedure will calm you down. You can’t hurry in this art form and expect results soon. It improves your imagination.

2.     Improves concentration:
While shaping the roll into your desired shapes, you have to concentrate in order to put them into the shape of your choice. If you make the slightest of error and it will cost you the entire design. From measuring the length of paper to letting them uncoil to what extent, it requires your full attention.

3.     Improves Hand- Eye coordination:
Quilling will help you improve your hand- eye coordination. You have to make sure that you do not lose your concentration. Te moment you miss out, the entire work is spoiled.

4.     Helps you earn:
Many Quillers are small entrepreneurs. Once you get good at the kind of work you do, you can always sell your products. It doesn’t take too much time to learn the art form. You can make various articles like
·          Earring

·          Key chains
·          Bookmarks
·          Greeting cards
·          Hair accessories
·          Photo frames
·          Broaches
·          Letter Monograms
·          Paintings

Quilling or Paper Filigree is a great investment if you want to relax and develop your mind. I am myself hooked onto the art form and sell some of my products on my Facebook page by the same name. You don’t need a coach to learn the art form, you just need a will to learn and you will find a lot of videos to help you out.